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Welcome to Dogwood Hill!

As you make the journey, searching for your wedding venue, you’ll find that each one is unique.  Each venue will have things you love and “less than love” about it.  Maybe you love the idea of getting married in a barn. Maybe a garden wedding venue is more “you”.  Or, maybe a tent wedding is your dream come true.  Choosing your wedding venue is a lot like buying your first home, you have to pick the venue that represents the best balance between your needs, wants and budget.

Most often a wedding venue is just a venue, its a beautiful building, land and parking.  Its a special “place” but still just a place.   And, most people do not attempt to imagine every detail when shopping for a venue.  Instead, they just have a few key factors they are considering.  Among them, is there enough room for my number of guests?, etc… So, they have yet to think about how their event will look and flow.

But, once in a while, you come across a venue that is thinking about all the moving parts – your budget, the flow of your special day and the decor – that’s us! We’re a little less like a formal than some wedding venues.  We’re more like an intimate and casual celebration place where everyone (even the venue staff) is like family.  We’re that wedding venue that’s more than a place because the owners are wedding planners, our staff will help you decorate, lend you things you need to help keep your budget on track… we care!  We’re more like a simple, modest family estate with a beautiful greenhouse canopy, large barn and good company.  And, that’s exactly what we wanted to be because it fits the kind of people we are here at Dogwood Hill.

Our East Tennessee Wedding Venue is on the Move

In 2017 we’ll open for the spring at a new and improved location that offers a beautiful view and tons of privacy.  Enjoy the natural beauty of our garden space, filled with flowers, bushes, concrete statues and greenery.  A stately two story barn is being renovated to offer about 4,000 square feet of reception and dance space.  And, there is plenty of parking for all your guests.  Wondering about the price?  You can relax because we offer our venue space so affordably you may even be shocked by the savings!

Don’t Fear the Outdoors

Many venues offer little or no comfort when it comes to outdoor the outdoor wedding ceremony.  Dogwood Hill is different.  We have a lovely (newly expanded for 2017) clear greenhouse canopy that lets you have that outdoor ceremony even when there is rain.

Fun for Everyone!

With a focus on family-friendly fun, we setup corn hole, horse shoes, croquet, lawn tic-tac-toe and more… on the property in addition to providing dance space.  So, there is fun for everyone! Even the “non-dancers” will enjoy the celebration.  We believe that every wedding should be filled with  love and laughter because that’s what brought you together.

Tour Our Space & Reserve Your Date

Dogwood Hill is one of the most affordable venues in the area.  We’re not the “cheap answer”, we’re just the better answer.  Why?  Because we include so much for your money, making is easy and stress free for you to have a wonderful wedding experience.  This is why we book quickly.  So, don’t delay – call or email us today to tour our space and reserve your date.

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